The Recipe for Success: Habits of Successful Bloggers

Blogging has long become more than just a hobby. Successful bloggers not only share their experiences and observations but also are seeking for some benefits from the published materials. The competitiveness of blogging is gradually growing. It becomes harder and harder to be noticed. Only the strongest survive. So, how to stand out from the competition in the most effective way? Read the answer below.


Of course, the first idea comes to the mind is strong writing skills. If you’re weak in writing, you can order writing on special websites like BasePixels. But, of course, skillfully written text is far from all that you need. Actually, to become a successful blogger, you have to change the whole living style.


Perhaps, it’s one of the most important points. The lion’s share of bloggers quit during the first months of working. You have to accept that the first time will be the most complicated in the whole life of your blog.Let’s assume: you write a lot, doing everything to give people useful information, spend hours on thinking about themes and content of the articles. And get about 10–20 visitors per day, no comments, and no active users. Such a situation can unsettle you, but you have to endure and remain faithful to the idea! What to do? The recommended set of measures:

  • Optimization of articles and images.
  • Internal SEO.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the website.

Even after the measures are done and you have no results, don’t quit. You need time, even if the content is absolutely amazing! Finally, the deal is half-done when the statistics starts growing. Patience and a little effort are the qualities you need most. The most bright, sunny and warm day comes after the very cold, dark and terrible night.

An alliance with co-bloggers

There is safety in numbers! Even if you believe you’re a superman. Top bloggers have always a little time to comment on other people’s blogs, but they often comment on the blogs of other successful bloggers in a warm and friendly manner.

I bet you’ve noticed articles of bloggers who refer to other successful bloggers in their posts with advice to read them. Such advice is really hard to ignore. If the reader finds your article helpful, he’ll likely visit the related ones.

An Adequate Perception of Criticism

As the blog grows, more and more people start reading it. Of course, the number of haters grows in parallel. Some of them may leave negative comments or even discreditable articles about your blog and about you as a person. You have to accept this fact as the part of a game, a part of a competitive market. Learn to accept justified criticism and make conclusions.

Uniqueness and Pithiness

Do not be a clone! The content you provide must be not just technically unique but convey a living and fresh idea. I don’t mean you must reinvent the wheel, but, at least, give users some additional value except the information that’s already on the Internet. Even a poorly written article will gain great popularity if it is “the one and only.” It does not matter how much you write, but it does matter how much benefit each of your articles gives to the readers.


Do not tell lies to your readers. Respect people for whom you are doing your job. Many bloggers quickly gain RSS subscribers with promises of writing a magic article that would help all the subscribers to earn $500 per day. Sounds funny, but some people do believe that while others understand that you’re just another blogger who manipulates. Finally, such tricks are obsolete.

Sociability, Fast Response, and Gratitude

Do not forget to thank your readers and regularly respond to their comments and letters. A reader may be offended if you’re never in touch and don’t answer his questions. When you communicate with the readers, do not be rude and avoid conflicts. Make compromises even if they do not benefit to you at the moment. Think of the long run.

Constant Awareness and Presence

Successful bloggers are always aware of all the new products and features of their market. You don’t have to be the best, but you must be the first. The first reviews of new products/services/features always get the greatest number of views.

Even if you are one of the most successful bloggers, you have to write constantly. It may be two or three posts a month, but the schedule must be respected! Of course, the younger the blog, the more often you have to write. Don’t even think about slowing down the pace until you reach the attendance of at least 800-1000 visitors per day.

Almost every successful blogger at some point wanted to shout phrases like: “I’m tired, that’s enough, I can’t and I don’t want to continue!” The key is to believe in yourself even if the situation looks disappointing. If you cope with emotions and streamline your activity, the success won’t keep itself waiting long.

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